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Welcome to New Star MedSpa, Your local Ambassadors for BIOJUVE – Elevate Your Beauty and Confidence with Top-tier Skincare!

Biojuve uses one-of-a-kind, clinically proven living microbe technology that harnesses the power of a live strain of C. Acnes defendens to optimize the skin health for a wide range of anti-aging skin concerns.

How does it work?

BIOJUVE is powered by the proprietary live strain C. acnes defendens we call Xycrobe Technology. These microbial powerhouses, Xycrobes, naturally produce and deliver potent Bio essentials such as proteins, polypeptides, and antioxidants.

As facultative anaerobes, Xycrobes live and thrive both on skin’s surface and deep within the hair follicles for around-the-clock skin biome care promoting skin health and balanced environment 24/7

What is skin Biome Care?

Traditional skin care has historically targeted skin cells with little to no regard for the skin microbiome. Skin biome care targets skin cells while optimizing the skin microbiome and the environment. Skin Biome care is the most complete way to care for the skin. “
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