What Our Clients Say About Us

  • I had my first visit at New Star Med Spa today and it was fantastic. The women working there are so kind and easy to talk to yet still professional! I had Slim Me treatments and Kybella. Very much looking forward to my follow up treatments and future results. The spa is extremely clean and welcoming. Highly recommend giving them a try!

    Emily Laroux
  • I have been coming to Newstar since October of last year for everything from aesthetic to skin texture to sun exposure concerns. These ladies are warm, welcoming, and extremely professional and friendly. The new location is clean and super spa- like. I love the service and care that I receive with any treatment here and especially their attention to detail. Highly recommend and appreciate all that they do here

    Kathy Gonzalez
  • Very professional service and atmosphere from the time you come in until the time you leave. I have used 2 different techs and they are both friendly and good. This place is definitely helping me with my aesthetic needs. The front desk experience with Jinger is amazing. She gives the best consultations too!

    evette smith
  • I had two procedures done today and amazingly seeing results !! Brittany and Ginger are awesome and very informative, very professional and personable snd a very nice spa. I highly recommend this spa, looking forward to my next appointment.

    sylvia callaway
  • Brittany was great. First time doing a chemical peel and she explained everything well and did an amazing job!

    Olena Isayeva
  • Sabrina did my Hydraglow facial today and I couldn’t be more happy, haven’t felt my skin so soft and glowy Like this for the longest! Would totally recommend.

    Maria Perez
  • I love the results of the Slim Me. The staff is great. They make you feel as if we are old friends. Definitely a girlfriend vibe. Extremely Professional

    Haretta Arnold

Get Rid Of Clogged Pores, Fine Lines, And Dead Skin Cells With New Star's HydraFacial Treatment Today

Visible Skin Refinement And Improved Skin Condition With New Star Med Spa

The skin goes through a lot of wear and tear every day. Between dead skin cells, fine lines, clogged pores, congested skin, and the ever-present wrinkle - it's no wonder that a lot of people find having healthy skin difficult. That's why at New Star, we've made it our mission to help improve your skin condition with our HydraFacial treatment. The goal is simple: results that you want, without any of the hassles.

How We Do It

Like all our facial treatments, we always work with our patients to establish the results that they want from our treatment. Whether it's for exfoliation, treating congested skin, or clearing up clogged pores, we personalize our treatment so you get what you want - nothing more, nothing less.

Our HydraFacial treatment specializes in long-term and visible skin refinement: able to treat anything from dead skin cells, brown spots, and rough skin texture. We address each skin concern you might have individually, and tailor our facial treatment to make sure that you end up with the glowing and healthy skin you've always wanted.


Our Other Services

While HydraFacial treatment can work on specific skin concerns, you may want some other type of facial treatment that can provide more exfoliation or cleansing. New Star offers a suite of services that can help, from a regular chemical peel to more ultrasonic cavitation to sculpt your facial fat.


Our esthetician is always ready to assist you with any skin concern that you have and make sure that the results that you get are the ones that you want. Aside from removing any impurities, treating acne, hydrating dry skin, your skin's surface is safe - and beautiful - with us.

Prioritize Your Beauty and Wellness Today

It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.


How A HydraFacial Treatment Gives You Healthy Skin

A HydraFacial is a specific type of facial treatment that can give far superior visible skin refinement compared to most facials. This is because the HydraFacial system works to treat a skin condition in three specific ways: cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration.


A HydraFacial treatment cleans the skin's surface with a powerful yet gentle cleaning wand. This can clear away any congested skin, improve rough skin texture, and treat any impurities in the surface area of the skin like dark spots and brown spots.

It's even possible to clear some acne scars and other marks that can be caused by dry skin. This type of treatment works on sensitive skin as well, since it uses a non-invasive method of painless suction when getting rid of any problems on the skin's surface.


The next benefit to HydraFacial is the gentle exfoliation it uses to smooth out rough skin texture and correct uneven skin tone. The HydraFacial system is particularly effective if you need to clear dark spots or mild cases of hyperpigmentation since it can work on almost any skin type without any side effects.

This gentle exfoliation can also be supported with other products like intense moisturizers to help the skin hold up better to the procedure. It can help remove most impurities in the skin, stimulate collagen production, and even get rid of the signs of acne breakouts.


Finally, the HydraFacial system uses generous amounts of hyaluronic acid (or similar hydration products) to make sure that any dry skin gets addressed after exfoliation and cleansing. Hydration can help improve your collagen production, soothe sensitive skin, and even out dark spots and your skin tone.

While the painless suction and gentle exfoliation of the HydraFacial treatment means that there's less trauma to your skin, hydration is still essential for your overall improvement. Hydrated skin is more elastic and is less likely to form a wrinkle or any fine lines as you age.

What Are The Skin Conditions That A HydraFacial Treatment Can Help Manage?

HydraFacial treatments are versatile with the kind of skin conditions and impurities that they can manage and remove, though some are more visible even after your first round of treatment:

Clogged pores

By using a gentle suction on the dirt, oil, and other debris on your face, HydraFacial treatments can clear up clogged pores while preventing additional clogs from forming in the future. Depending on the serum used in your treatment, your pores can be minimized, disinfected in the case of acne breakouts, or hydrated so they’re more resilient to everyday wear and tear.

Uneven skin tone

Mild to moderate cases of hyperpigmentation, dark or brown spots caused by pre-existing conditions, or active injury can all leave blemishes on the skin long after the initial condition has been treated. With HydraFacial’s ability to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, it’s easier for your body to recover and repair itself back to its usual glow.

Acne and acne scars

While the full impact of HydraFacial treatments on acne needs more study, initial results show promising outlooks for people who suffer from chronic or acute acne breakouts. By clearing the skin of oil and other things that can clog up pores while applying the right serum, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of experiencing breakouts. You can also treat mild acne scarring with enough treatment sessions.

Blackheads and whiteheads

Because HydraFacial treatment removes dead skin cells, it also decreases the chance that you’ll get blackheads and whiteheads with enough time and treatments. Your skin needs to stay hydrated and get exfoliated regularly so that any skin doesn’t form into impurities that can cause blackheads. With regular HydraFacial treatments, you may be able to avoid these two conditions entirely.

Signs of aging

Wrinkles and fine lines are some of the earliest signs of aging and are usually caused by a breakdown of collagen and elastin in the body. A HydraFacial treatment can help boost collagen production to counteract this, while also increasing hydration so your skin stays soft and supple. Combined with treatments like Botox, it’s an effective way to mitigate or minimize and signs of aging.

Other skin conditions

Skin conditions like dry skin and rough skin texture can be aggravated by your day-to-day activities. HydraFacial treatments are a great supplement to any home products or beauty regimens you may use to counteract these skin conditions, with the added bonus of having longer-lasting and more visible results.

Why Choose HydraFacial Treatment Over A Chemical Peel

In many ways, a HydraFacial works a lot like a chemical peel since both can treat brown spots, correct uneven skin tone, and address mild to moderate hyperpigmentation. However, HydraFacials are gentler in their cleansing, which is a particular bonus if you have sensitive skin.

HydraFacial treatments can also be combined with other products like antioxidants, treatments like Botox, and dermal filler for better results regardless of skin type. Since the process already uses intense moisturizers and painless extraction of impurities, it's possible to combine it with other skin and facial rejuvenation treatments.


HydraFacial Treatment And Serum Products


One distinct advantage that HydraFacial has over other treatments is the capability to combine it with almost any serum that you want. Most serums will usually use some sort of hyaluronic acid to help with the hydration of the skin, though others can use antioxidants and other products that can treat the skin.

Serum products increase the efficacy of the results you can get from a HydraFacial treatment since it can also help with skin conditions that can't be treated with other types of facial treatment. This is especially useful if you have a skin type that normally doesn't work with most facials, or if you have a condition like hyperpigmentation.

Prioritize Your Beauty and Wellness Today

It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.


HydraFacial vs Radiofrequency Therapy


One treatment that a lot of our patients combine with HydraFacial treatment is radiofrequency therapy since it’s a skin tightening procedure that can help minimize pores, get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, and overall improve the look and texture of your skin. It’s similarly non-invasive to HydraFacial treatments and can be done in less than an hour.

The difference between the two is that radiofrequency therapy only relies on your body’s reaction to high levels of heat to tighten skin and promote cellular growth and repair. HydraFacial does this to a lesser degree, but its effects are compounded by the addition of serums and other products. Ultimately, the decision will be up to you as to which one you would prefer to get – though there’s nothing wrong with both!


Am I A Good Candidate For A HydraFacial Treatment?


HydraFacial treatments work on almost any skin type since it’s non-invasive and uses painless suction and gentle exfoliation to clear out your skin. However, some patients with sensitive skin may want to check with their doctor and dermatologist about the procedure, since it still works a lot like dermabrasion and may cause irritation in the long run.

Aside from that, the only other limitations that may prevent you from getting HydraFacial is if you have a skin condition like rosacea or are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. For safety reasons, you may be barred from getting a HydraFacial since the serums used with the procedure can affect your skin and body.


What can I expect from my first treatment session?

Our esthetician will let you know what you can expect from your treatment, and outline the various benefits and conditions that HydraFacial can help manage. This is also the best time to let them know if you're taking any medications or plan on adding another facial treatment like Botox after you're done.

How long does each session last?

Each HydraFacial session only lasts for an hour or less, so you can quickly dip in and out without any downtime or post-operative aftercare! For patients with sensitive skin, our esthetician will monitor you for up to half an hour after your procedure to see if you have any reactions to the serums used.

How long do my results last?

HydraFacial treatments are good for up to three weeks after your initial session, though your skin type, lifestyle, and pre-existing conditions can shorten or lengthen this time. If you’re unsure about how long your results will last or think you may need more frequent treatments, our esthetician will always be happy to answer your questions.

Are there any side effects of getting HydraFacial treatment?

Aside from the slight pressure caused by the cleansing and suction process, you shouldn’t feel any sort of pain from the procedure during and afterward. You may feel a little tingly or sensitive in the treatment area for a few hours (especially if you have sensitive skin), but this should fade after a while.

Do I need to avoid anything after getting a HydraFacial treatment?

HydraFacial treatments are non-invasive, so you can resume your usual activities and beauty routines after the procedure. However, you may want to avoid any strong exfoliants like retinol, since that can cause swelling, redness, and itching around your face. If you’re unsure, you can always consult our esthetician.

Why Choose New Star For Your HydraFacial Treatments

  • Proven short– and long-term results with single or multiple HydraFacial  treatments
  • A long-time partner of Texans with their cosmetic or medical procedures
  • Extensive suite of beauty treatments, products, and services that can complement your HydraFacial treatment
  • Medical-grade equipment and experienced medical staff and aestheticians on call
  • Patient results and patient comfort are given equal priority
  • Experienced in both traditional and innovative beauty treatments, procedures, and products
  • Available for further questions, follow up sessions, and treatments

The New Star Guarantee: Banish Any Wrinkle, Correct Uneven Skin Tone, And Increase Collagen Production With HydraFacial

The skin goes through a lot of wear and tear each day, and we at New Star know that sometimes it takes a little more than a wash to clear it up. For situations where your skin just isn’t glowing the way that it used to, a HydraFacial treatment could be just what you need to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.

At New Star, we believe that a med spa should always offer more than solutions to its clients – they should give them results that last. That’s why we support our HydraFacial treatments with our own commitment to high-quality customer service and experience. We make sure that after each treatment, you get the results that you want: nothing more, nothing less.

Prioritize Your Beauty and Wellness Today

It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.