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  • I had my first visit at New Star Med Spa today and it was fantastic. The women working there are so kind and easy to talk to yet still professional! I had Slim Me treatments and Kybella. Very much looking forward to my follow up treatments and future results. The spa is extremely clean and welcoming. Highly recommend giving them a try!

    Emily Laroux
  • I have been coming to Newstar since October of last year for everything from aesthetic to skin texture to sun exposure concerns. These ladies are warm, welcoming, and extremely professional and friendly. The new location is clean and super spa- like. I love the service and care that I receive with any treatment here and especially their attention to detail. Highly recommend and appreciate all that they do here

    Kathy Gonzalez
  • Very professional service and atmosphere from the time you come in until the time you leave. I have used 2 different techs and they are both friendly and good. This place is definitely helping me with my aesthetic needs. The front desk experience with Jinger is amazing. She gives the best consultations too!

    evette smith
  • I had two procedures done today and amazingly seeing results !! Brittany and Ginger are awesome and very informative, very professional and personable snd a very nice spa. I highly recommend this spa, looking forward to my next appointment.

    sylvia callaway
  • Brittany was great. First time doing a chemical peel and she explained everything well and did an amazing job!

    Olena Isayeva
  • Sabrina did my Hydraglow facial today and I couldn’t be more happy, haven’t felt my skin so soft and glowy Like this for the longest! Would totally recommend.

    Maria Perez
  • I love the results of the Slim Me. The staff is great. They make you feel as if we are old friends. Definitely a girlfriend vibe. Extremely Professional

    Haretta Arnold

Get Rid Of Your Double Chin And Submental Fat With New Star Med Spa's Kybella Treatment

How New Star Can Help Treat Your Double Chin With A Kybella Injection

While a double chin isn’t serious in most cases, having one can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fullness around your chin, but when it starts doubling down on itself, that can be an issue. Neck fat and fatty tissue can’t always be managed with diet and exercise - which is why New Star is proud to offer our Kybella treatments to sculpt your chin into shape.

How We Do It

Kybella is a non-invasive method of fat reduction that doesn’t require the incision of liposuction, which means minimal downtime and fewer side effects from the procedure. Our Kybella treatments are tailored to each patient to ensure that they get the results that they want in the fewest possible sessions - with long-lasting results.

We do this by taking a comprehensive look at every patient as they come in for a Kybella treatment. Is their fat hereditary, or caused by dietary fat? Are they looking to define their jawline and chin profile, or do they just want to remove fatty tissue? Is there any neck fat that we can remove at the same time? These questions and our attention to detail is the key that lets us give you the results that you want.


Our Other Services

While Kybella treatments are effective on their own, they can be combined with dermal filler and other skin tightening treatments for a smoother look. If you want something a little more than simple fat reduction, New Star is only too happy to provide. We have a suite of fat reduction and skin rejuvenation treatments that can support your Kybella treatments.


One of our most popular services is ultrasonic cavitation - an advanced fat reduction technique that melts the fat away from the inside with ultrasound energy. It’s a great addition if you want other areas of your body removed of fat, and is similarly non-invasive for excellent results without any post-operative aftercare required.

Prioritize Your Beauty and Wellness Today

It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.


How A Kybella Treatment Removes A Double Chin

A Kybella injectable treatment uses a form of synthetic deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body that can destroy a fat cell. Deoxycholic acid on its own can be somewhat dangerous since it can also destroy other cells, but a Kybella treatment only works on the submental fat or the excess fat on your chin.

Because it's non-invasive, you experience minimal downtime and side effects while having a noticeable reduction in the excess fat around your chin. It's far gentler compared to liposuction and plastic surgery, and you can use it to define areas like the jawline, neck, and overall chin profile.


Body Sculpting With Kybella

Most forms of cosmetic surgery will require a fair amount of work in a treatment session before they can remove any excess fat. This is most apparent with plastic surgery or liposuction, where any fat deposits need to be vacuumed out before any noticeable fat reduction shows in the patient.



However, the Kybella procedure allows for a noticeable reduction in fat deposits with the capacity to combine it with other skin tightening treatments like Botox, or another weight loss procedure like ultrasonic cavitation. This can help you get rid of excess fat on the upper neck, define your jawline, and improve your chin profile.

Kybella vs. Liposuction

One reason why more and more people are switching to Kybella is that it gets the job done with half the effort and even less hassle. While liposuction is effective at removing stubborn fat, it does so by vacuuming the fat out of your body. This can be traumatic for your skin to recover from and can have unintended side effects like saggy skin or long-term bruising and discoloration.

However, Kybella works from the inside, introducing a naturally occurring molecule that works with your body, not against it. By dissolving your fat from the inside, it can be drained by your body’s system instead of being siphoned away. This is much gentler on your body while still taking away any unwanted fat.

A Kybella Treatment Like No Other

One thing that we pride ourselves on at New Star is making sure that each of our treatments is carried out with laser precision while still keeping you comfortable. While we know that your results are the one thing you’re looking forward to the most, we also believe in making sure that the procedure goes smoothly.

That’s why all of our medical aestheticians and staff are fully trained to make your Kybella injection as smooth as possible, from the pre-injection prep to the post-procedure evaluation. We strive to maintain this kind of quality and commitment to customer satisfaction across all of your Kybella treatments, combining professional know-how with our own brand of customer service. We make things simple at New Star: satisfaction and results are both guaranteed.

Prioritize Your Beauty and Wellness Today

It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.


Side Effects From Kybella Treatment

A Kybella injection doesn't require any incisions or surgery, but there are some side effects that you might experience after your session. Most of these are usually because injecting synthetic deoxycholic acid doesn't dissolve excess fat immediately.

Temporary swelling

Temporary swelling is by far the most common side effect that you'll encounter after your treatment session. Because the neck area is near your lymphatic system, you may experience some swelling because of the injectable treatment.

Any temporary swelling should go down after a few days and become less noticeable as the patient goes through more Kybella treatments. You should have a noticeable reduction in swelling after the first treatment session once your body gets used to Kybella.

Pain and numbness

Any injectable treatment will have some degree of pain with the first couple of treatment sessions as your body gets used to the treatment. However, the pain you'll experience is less intense than other fat reduction techniques like liposuction, since there are no incisions required.

You may also experience some numbness after the procedure, especially if you are getting Kybella treatment for sculpting your chin profile. Any numbness you experience should fade within a few days. If it lasts longer, it could be a sign of nerve injury and you should go to your doctor immediately.

Facial muscle weakness

While synthetic deoxycholic acid is designed to work on stubborn fat and other fat deposits on the upper neck, there is the chance that it can cause temporary facial muscle weakness. You're most likely to experience this if you have a lot of unwanted fat in the upper neck since there are more fat cells that the acid has to burn through.

Facial muscle weakness isn't limited to the treatment area either - if you have a lot of fatty tissue around your jawline, you can experience some drooping or sagging for a while. This is one of the more serious side effects of a Kybella procedure, but they rarely happen to a patient, especially with a skilled injector.

Am I A Good Candidate For A Kybella Injection?

Any patient that wants their submental fat removed is a good candidate for Kybella treatment, but some patients can better benefit from the injection than others. You're a particularly good candidate for a Kybella injection if:

  • You have moderate fat deposits in the submental area
  • You are not pregnant, nursing, or planning to get pregnant soon
  • You are not planning any cosmetic surgery near or at the treatment area
  • You are not morbidly obese or have large amounts of neck fat
  • You do not have an infection or pre-existing condition that affects your jawline
  • You haven’t experienced sudden weight loss or weight gain

In most cases, a patient with stubborn fat around the neck area should be perfectly fine with getting a Kybella treatment, but their exact eligibility will be decided in their first consultation.



What can I expect from my first treatment session?

Unless you've already prepared in advance, your first session with us will always be an in-depth consultation. Our aesthetician will discuss with you the exact procedure that they'll follow for your Kybella treatment. They'll outline the stubborn fat you want to be removed from the submental area, and discuss any relevant medical history.

How long do my results last?

Once the injectable treatment reaches your fat cell, it starts melting it from the inside and making the surrounding cells less likely to retain unwanted fat. Once every fat cell in the treatment area has been destroyed, your results should last for the rest of your life!

How many sessions do I need?

This all depends on how much fat you want to remove from the submental area. In general, you need between four to six treatments to make sure that the fatty deposits under the skin have been melted completely. Most patients usually see the results that they want after six sessions, though you can always get yours earlier!

Can I combine it with other skin treatments?

Absolutely! Botox injections and other dermal fillers can be combined with Kybella injections, in case there are some uneven areas left behind by the dissolving fat. However, keep in mind that this will depend on how much fat needs to be removed from the treatment area. Again, our aesthetician will work closely with you to make sure that you get the results you’re looking for.

Why Choose New Star Med Spa For Your Kybella Treatment

  • Far more experienced in Kybella treatments than your usual med spa
  • Proven long-term results with minimal downtime and side effects with each procedure
  • A preferred partner by most Texans with their skincare procedures and treatments
  • Treatments, products, and other services that you won't find any other med spa
  • Fully equipped with the latest technology and trained medical staff for your treatment
  • Patient results and patient comfort are given equal priority
  • Always available for further questions, consultations, and other treatments if needed
  • The New Star Promise: Easy And Effective Kybella Injection And Fat Reduction
Kybella injection

The New Star Guarantee: Efficient Double Chin And Fat Removal With Kybella

A double chin is not always the easiest thing to remove, and sometimes plastic surgery isn't an option. By using Kybella treatments, New Star can remove stubborn fatty tissue, remove any neck fat from weight gain, and define your face the way that you want. All of this with minimal downtime - with results that are comparable to cosmetic surgery.

So if you're looking to bring back that natural fullness to your chin, then New Star is here to help. Our mission is to make you beautiful without the hassle, and results that stick around long after your treatment is over.

Prioritize Your Beauty and Wellness Today

It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.