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  • I had my first visit at New Star Med Spa today and it was fantastic. The women working there are so kind and easy to talk to yet still professional! I had Slim Me treatments and Kybella. Very much looking forward to my follow up treatments and future results. The spa is extremely clean and welcoming. Highly recommend giving them a try!

    Emily Laroux
  • I have been coming to Newstar since October of last year for everything from aesthetic to skin texture to sun exposure concerns. These ladies are warm, welcoming, and extremely professional and friendly. The new location is clean and super spa- like. I love the service and care that I receive with any treatment here and especially their attention to detail. Highly recommend and appreciate all that they do here

    Kathy Gonzalez
  • Very professional service and atmosphere from the time you come in until the time you leave. I have used 2 different techs and they are both friendly and good. This place is definitely helping me with my aesthetic needs. The front desk experience with Jinger is amazing. She gives the best consultations too!

    evette smith
  • I had two procedures done today and amazingly seeing results !! Brittany and Ginger are awesome and very informative, very professional and personable snd a very nice spa. I highly recommend this spa, looking forward to my next appointment.

    sylvia callaway
  • Brittany was great. First time doing a chemical peel and she explained everything well and did an amazing job!

    Olena Isayeva
  • Sabrina did my Hydraglow facial today and I couldn’t be more happy, haven’t felt my skin so soft and glowy Like this for the longest! Would totally recommend.

    Maria Perez
  • I love the results of the Slim Me. The staff is great. They make you feel as if we are old friends. Definitely a girlfriend vibe. Extremely Professional

    Haretta Arnold

Get Premium Dysport Treatments for Facial Rejuvenation at New Star Med Spa

Wrinkles and fine lines won’t go away on their own, and skincare products can only do so much to conceal these signs of aging. Take your beauty routine to the next level with Dysport injections at New Star Med Spa. Our highly-skilled team can provide safe and effective cosmetic neurotoxin injections to help take some years off your face so you can look younger and more confidently beautiful. 

With its amazing ability to minimize the appearance of existing frown lines, Dysport has become one of the go-to wrinkle reduction and facial rejuvenation treatments. It also offers the benefits of delaying skin aging and preventing future wrinkles when used as a preventative treatment. 

New Star Med Spa is your reliable provider of the best and high-quality Dysport injections in Frisco, Texas. Consult with our team today and know more about how Dysport can help achieve your beauty goals. 


How a Dysport Injection Works  

At New Star Med Spa, we proudly carry a wide range of the most popular and effective injectable neurotoxins for wrinkle and fine line treatment. If you want to get rid of frown lines and reclaim your youthful beauty, Dysport is one of the best botulinum toxin injections that we can recommend for you. 

Using purified botulinum toxin, Dysport temporarily blocks nerve signals that influence facial muscle activity and cause the skin to crease and form a dynamic wrinkle. By relaxing muscle contractions, your skin will eventually smoothen and lead to a reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Dysport Cosmetic vs. Botox Cosmetic 

Dysport is just one form of botulinum toxin type A injections. Its other popular competitor is Botox, which has been available for decades and has many been used for different medical and cosmetic applications. 

Although both Dysport and Botox injections are effective in erasing wrinkles, there are distinct differences between these treatments. It’s important to understand how they are unique as a cosmetic treatment to determine which botulinum toxin injection you will need to get. Here’s how Dysport differs from Botox: 

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Experience the latest and most trusted cosmetic med spa treatments here at New Star Med Spa. Start your journey with a consultation with our expert med spa team today.

Active Botulinum Toxin IngredientAbobotulinumtoxinAOnabotulinumtoxinA
Difference in FormulationHas smaller molecules and is more diluted compared to Botox, which can mean that Dysport injections can spread faster in the injection site Less diluted and has a more potent protein formulation, which is why Botox tends to stay in the treatment area once injected  
Common applicationsHas been FDA-approved for treating moderate to severe frown lines, also known as the ’11’ or glabellar line between the eyebrows  
Can also help treat muscle spasms, upper limb spasticity, and cervical dystonia 
Has been FDA-approved for addressing Crow’s feet, forehead lines, and glabellar lines 
Can also be used to treat conditions like excessive sweating, cervical dystonia, and chronic migraines 
How Soon Can You See Results Can see initial improvements within 24 to 48 hours after treatment but full results are typically visible within a week  Initial results from Botox can be seen within 3 to 4 days after treatment, but may take up to 14 days to see full results
How Long Can Results Last Can last 4 to 6 months Can last 4 to 6 months 

Our cosmetic specialists at New Star Med Spa can help determine the right neurotoxin injectable depending on your specific concerns and beauty goals. Schedule your initial consultation and our team will gladly recommend which between Dysport or Botox is better for your skin profile, age, or personal wants.


Best Places for Dysport Treatment  

Dysport can help minimize wrinkles and fine lines caused by muscle movement and repeated facial expression in any part of the face. Here are some of the standard treatment areas for Dysport: 


Between the Eyebrows 

Dysport is popularly used for minimizing the appearance of frown lines between the brows. Injected to the areas above and between the eyebrows, Dysport relaxes the muscles and improves the resting frowning appearance that you have. 

Across the Forehead 

With its unique formulation, Dysport is also best used for larger treatment areas like the forehead. Injecting Dysport in the forehead muscles can reduce deeper wrinkles and minimize the appearance of horizontal forehead line.


Neck Muscles  

Dysport can also be used as an alternative to a surgical neck lift and can help smoothen the platysmal bands and lines that form along the neck. This can also help tighten the skin around the neck to decrease the prominent sagging jowls and improve the jawline. 


If you want to slim your facial profile or reduce teeth grinding from TMJ, you can also get Dysport injectables. We can place Dysport into the masseter muscles and this can relax the jaw while providing a slimming effect to the lower half of your face. 

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It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.


Corners of the Mouth 

We administer Dysport injections to eliminate the smile lines, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines that form around the corners of the mouth. This can smooth out your mouth and chin area and make you look more youthful and refreshed. 


Benefits of Getting a Dysport Treatment  

  • Comfortable Injection Procedure - Dysport is a minimally invasive treatment that can only take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. The procedure is also virtually painless, but we can still apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area if needed and help minimize the possible discomfort to be felt from the injections.
  • Fast Results - Compared to Botox, Dysport may be able to settle faster in the injection site and provide a noticeable result in as little as 2 to 3 days after the treatment. Its full effects will show after 1 to 2 weeks once it has completely stopped muscle contractions in the treated area.
  • Zero Downtime - Unlike plastic surgery, you don’t have to worry about long recovery periods. After their Dysport procedure, most patients can immediately return to their normal activities right after. Dysport treatments are generally easily fit into your schedule.

Safe and Experienced Dysport Procedures from Our Team  

We have a team of highly-trained injectors who can provide safe and successful Dysport procedures. From your consultation to the injection proper and aftercare, our specialists will ensure that you have a hassle-free and comfortable Dysport treatment experience. 

Before the Dysport Procedure

  • Interested Dysport patients are required to have a consultation with our doctor. During your consultation session, we’ll talk about your goals and examine your skin concerns to have a better idea of how many injections you’ll need.  
  • For at least 10 days prior to the treatment, you should stop taking blood thinning medications since they can increase the risk for bruising and bleeding. 
  • You should also avoid alcoholic beverages for at least 24 to 48 hours before the treatment. 

During Dysport Treatment 

  • We’ll begin by cleansing the treatment area and applying a topical numbing cream to manage the pain from the injections. 
  • Our injector will use tiny needles to carefully place small, measured amounts of Dysport into the targeted muscles. 
  • Depending on the size and number of treatment areas, the entire treatment can be finished within 15 to 30 minutes. 

After Dysport Procedure

  • While there’s virtually no downtime after a Dysport treatment, you can expect to experience common side effects like injection site pain, swelling, redness, bruising, and tenderness. These are all temporary and should be able to resolve on their own within a few days. 
  • As much as possible, avoid touching, rubbing, or massaging the injected area for 24 hours after the treatment. 
  • You should also avoid exercising for the next 24 to 48 hours to prevent prolonged bruising after the injections. 

Why Choose New Star Med Spa as Your Dysport Provider  

New Star Med Spa is your trusted provider for premium cosmetic anti-aging treatments, body contouring procedures, and wellness services. Our team is committed to providing only the best experiences for aesthetic treatments and delivering incredible results that can help you look and feel your best. 

Here are some reasons why you should get your Dysport injections from our team: 

Your New You At New Star

Experience the latest and most trusted cosmetic med spa treatments here at New Star Med Spa. Start your journey with a consultation with our expert med spa team today.

  • Trusted by most Texans to take care of their skin and enhance their natural beauty 
  • State-of-the-art facilities and multiple treatment rooms that offer privacy and comfort for your Dysport procedure 
  • Highly-skilled injectors that can perform safe and effective Dysport treatments
  • Friendly medical staff who will go above and beyond to ensure that you have a satisfying treatment visit 
  • Customizable treatments plans and packages for your personal beauty and wellness goals  

Is Dysport The Right Injectable For You?  

Dysport is a good injectable treatment for any healthy individual who is at least 18 years of age or older and is bothered by the presence of frown lines and wrinkles on their face. However, those who are included in the following categories may not be an ideal patient for Dysport: 

  • Are pregnant or currently breastfeeding
  • Have a history of an allergic reaction from other neurotoxin products 
  • Have medical conditions that affect the muscles and nerves such as myasthenia gravis
  • Have progressive muscle weakness 

FAQs about Dysport Treatments  

Q: How do Dysport treatments differ from dermal fillers? 

A: Dysport is a neuromodulator that works by relaxing the overactive muscles to smooth the wrinkles and fine lines on the face. On the other hand, an injectable dermal filler is placed underneath the skin to fill in the wrinkles and restore lost facial volume. Neurotoxin injections like Dysport are better for dynamic wrinkles, while fillers are recommended for static wrinkles. 

Q: Is Dysport safe? 

A: Yes, Dysport is a safe injectable that has several approved uses for medical and cosmetic treatments. Our professional injectors can make sure that you get a successful treatment while minimizing possible side effects.

Q: Will Dysport freeze my face? 

A: Although Dysport injectables inhibit muscle contraction, it won’t freeze your face and you can still freely move your features and do a wide range of facial expressions. Our team follows the recommended medication guide and we inject only the right amount of Dysport to ensure that you get natural-looking enhancements. 

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It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.


Achieve Your Most Beautiful Self with Dysport at New Star Med Spa 

There’s nothing better than Dysport injections to help reverse the signs of aging and maintain a youthful appearance. Let our team at New Star Med Spa give you the best injectables that will turn your beauty goals into reality. Call us today and book a consultation to start your facial rejuvenation journey with Dysport.