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Sculpt Your Body To Your Desires With VelaShape

Reclaim your body from fat cells, collagen, and saggy skin. VelaShape’s unique technology combination of radio frequency energy, infrared light, and vacuum is one of the most effective ways for simultaneously sculpting the body and reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

Patients can contour and shape their body with less pain and time than ever before with VelaShape. Make every season bikini season with New Star Med Spa.


Benefits of Velashape 

  • Precise Heating: VelaShape is equipped with mechanisms that allow the machine to accurately target even the most difficult spots to reach. The precise heating technology ensures that you receive effective treatment every time. 
  • Lose Inches Instantly: Cellulite treatments target fat in order to reduce the appearance of dimples and saggy skin. As your skin visibly tightens, you’ll be able to get rid of new skin and make targeted areas look taut and younger. 
  • Tighter, Firmer, and Sexier Skin: Cellulite doesn’t have to make a mark on your confidence. With VelaShape, you can quickly address the problem and start getting your confidence back. In just a few months, you’ll get tighter, sexier skin and the confidence to boot. 
  • Long-Lasting Results: Results from non-surgical cellulite treatment are gradual and only get better with time. Because the technology focuses on collagen induction and elastin production, this treatment stimulates the body to create strong structures for improved skin tightening in the targeted area, with results lasting up to two years.

Is Velashape Right For You?

If you are considering getting the Velashape treatment experience at New Star Med Spa, it’s important to know whether this treatment is right for you, and whether or not you are a good candidate for it. The best candidates for Velashape understand the following:

  • Close to Ideal Body Weight: Velashape and other body contouring treatments aren’t meant for individuals who are far from their ideal body weight. This is because body contouring treatments are built to target stubborn fat that the body has trouble getting rid of even with proper diet and exercise. It is recommended that patients are only up to 30 pounds over their ideal body weight to engage in body contouring treatments like Velashape.
  • Realistic Expectations: Individuals who undergo VelaShape treatments must understand that this is not a miracle weight loss cure. Velashape, like other body contouring treatments, are specifically built for stubborn pockets of fat in certain targeted areas. Patients undergoing these treatments should have realistic expectations about how much fat can be lost due to the treatment.
  • You Know Where You Want To Lose Fat: Velashape is a targeted body contouring and fat elimination treatment, meaning a certain part of the body is targeted, with the fat in that specific area being the focus of the treatment. Velashape is not for losing overall body fat, but rather for specific fat area elimination. An individual should know where exactly they want to burn their stubborn fat. Common parts of the body for this treatment include the stomach, hips, thighs, arms, chest, and back.
  • You Do Not Have a Dangerous Condition: There are certain conditions that disqualify an individual from getting body contouring treatments. These conditions include:
    • Active heart disease or vascular disease
    • Having a pacemaker
    • Patients who require medical transplants
    • Patients who are breastfeeding or still pregnant
    • Thrombosis
    • Patients with any serious illness
    • Patients with metal prostheses

Make sure you discuss all details you want to know with our staff at New Star Med Spa. We are more than happy to provide all the answers and information necessary so you can make the best choice for your face and body.


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Body Contour Like Never Before: Velashape at New Star Med Spa


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