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New Star Med Spa: The Trusted Esthetic Spa Near You

New Star Med Spa is your partner in superior medical esthetic services. Everyone deserves to look their best and feel comfortable in their own skin; in our med spa, our team can provide you with the right procedures and treatment plans to help you achieve your desired appearance. 

With our commitment to all our patients’ goals, our team of highly-trained medical aestheticians, and a well-appointed facility stocked with pharmaceutical-grade products, we can help you receive the right cosmetic treatments for stunning, natural-looking results. Contact us today to request a free consultation or schedule your appointment online. 

Your Reliable Beauty Spa Near Celina, Texas

Medical Spa near Celina, TX

Celina is a quaint city found north of Dallas. Having grown its economy and population within the last several decades, it’s now home to those who want to enjoy the area’s small-town charm while having access to major cities like the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

For aesthetic treatments near you that can transform the way you look and feel, take a short drive south to Frisco and visit New Star Med Spa. We offer customizable treatment plans designed to bring out your best and enhance your beauty, health, and wellness with non-surgical options. Our highly-trained team is ready to provide you with the highest standards of service and bring out the best in you. 

Our Services: How New Star Med Spa Does Its Magic

At New Star Med Spa, we use innovative medical aesthetic procedures to produce amazing results. Rather than resorting to invasive cosmetic surgery or more harsh treatments that can require plenty of downtime and recovery, we offer risk-free results and minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments that can help you achieve your goals. Here are some of our signature services:

Non-Surgical Facelift

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen to keep our skin taut and firm. This can result in sagging and droopy facial skin that can make you appear much older than you really are. Rather than seeking out surgical facelifts, our minimally-invasive facelift procedures like Ultra Lift can provide the same results without the need for surgery. You don’t have to look older than you feel with this non-surgical skin tightening procedure. 

Your New You At New Star

Experience the latest and most trusted cosmetic med spa treatments here at New Star Med Spa. Start your journey with a consultation with our expert med spa team today.

PDO Thread Lift

Tighten your skin, contract your natural facial fat, and lift up the signs of aging from your face with our PDO Thread Lift service. PDO threads can help you define and contour a sharper or more pronounced areas on your face. On top of that, the thread can also promote better collagen production while it tightens your skin. See the difference PDO Thread Lifts can do on a cellular and surface level within several months.  

Body Contouring

When you’re down to your last few pounds away from your ideal weight and body, you may find stubborn fat pockets that can’t be shed with a regular diet and proper exercise. New Star Med Spa offers several efficient body contouring services that can cater to different types of patients and the goal they want to achieve. Our body contouring services include:

Injectable Treatments

Injectable treatments are convenient and effective aesthetic solutions over more drastic surgical procedures. We carry the best aesthetic injections in the market for various kinds of treatments. From Botox injections to freeze your facial muscles and prevent creases and wrinkles, to dermal fillers that can restore volume and restructure your facial appearance without the need for invasive surgery. We can provide an injectable treatment schedule that’s safe, effective, and rejuvenating. We provide injectable treatments such as: 

Skin Rejuvenation

Your skin can appear duller and older due to a number of causes. But now you can turn back time and replenish your skin for a younger, healthier appearance. At New Star Med Spa, we offer various effective rejuvenating treatments that can cater to different types of skin conditions. Whether you want to exfoliate, hydrate, or cleanse your skin, our rejuvenation treatments can get rid of the old and bring forward a younger, healthy-looking you. Our skin rejuvenation services include:

Prioritize Your Beauty and Wellness Today

It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.


Why Choose New Star Med Spa?

  • Minimally-invasive and non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Compared to cosmetic surgical procedures, our treatments require less recovery, minimizing the downtime and effects aesthetic treatments have on your everyday life. 
  • Highly-trained medical aestheticians and skilled medical personnel. Feel safe and assured knowing that you’re in capable hands that can help you achieve your beauty goals. 
  • Superior facility equipped for best results. Our facility has updated equipment, medical-grade supplies, and injectables and other products with high success rates. 
  • Our philosophy that focuses on our clients’ individual needs. All our patients have varying beauty goals. Rather than using cookie-cutter methods on everyone, we can offer customizable packages to cater to your needs. 
  • Complimentary consultations with photo analysis and in-house financing. We make sure you understand the treatment plan and what’s the best method to achieve your goals before starting treatment. We also offer in-house financing to make it easier to help finance your aesthetic goals. 

Enjoy Quality Skin Rejuvenation and Aesthetic Innovations with New Star Med Spa

At New Star Med Spa, we offer cutting-edge technology and luxurious aesthetic treatments to help you handle unwanted features and bring forward a better version of yourself that you can feel comfortable in. We're more than just a salon day spa and give more than just a simple deep tissue massage - we make beauty changes that matter.

Products We Offer near Celina, TX

For the best products on the market today, purchase your items at New Star Med Spa. We provide our customers and clients with only the products we trust most. To understand more about the exact beauty products best for you, check out our products below or contact our team directly with your beauty goals.

Wellness Services we offer near Celina, TX

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