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Liposuction-Free Cellulite Reduction And Body Contouring With New Star Med Spa

Effective And Non Invasive Fat Cell Removal And Skin Tightening At New Star Med Spa

At the New Star Med Spa, we understand how difficult weight loss can be. Stretch marks, fatty tissue, and sagging skin can all affect your sense of self-esteem, and sometimes a plastic surgeon isn't the best option. That's why our treatments are designed to be better than these solutions, going far beyond what a tummy tuck or Cellulite treatment has to offer.

Not Your Traditional Liposuction Procedure

Targeting a cellulite dimple can be tricky because the fat cell in the treatment area can be sitting right on top of connective tissue. While the liposuction technique can suck this fat away, this also leaves a gap between your deep tissue and the surface of your skin that can be difficult to fill in.

But at New Star, we specialize in non-invasive and effective treatments that can get directly to the fat deposit and sculpt the treatment area at the same time. With this approach, we can target the skin laxity that's responsible for cellulite formation for a more comprehensive cellulite treatment regimen.


Effective Cellulite And Skin Tightening Therapies

Cellulite is more than just stubborn fat: it also leaves its mark on the skin. Even after the fat deposit has been removed, the treatment area needs filling or sculpting to get it back to its ideal state. Most liposuction procedures won’t bother with this, which leaves you trying to get cosmetic surgery or dermal fillers to compensate for the area left behind after your treatment.

The treatments we use at New Star avoid this issue entirely by being able to sculpt your body at the same time we’re removing the fat. For the more stubborn fat deposits underneath the tissue, our ultrasonic cavitation technology can precisely break apart each fat cell from within. All of this without having any needles or knives involved!

Compatible With Existing Treatments

Not ready yet for innovative fat cell removal techniques? We understand. Because we prioritize patient comfort so highly at New Star, we make sure that all of our treatments are compatible with traditional liposculpture, dermal fillers, or laser treatment. While we’re confident in our own methods of treatment, we don’t want to push you when you aren’t ready.

In fact, we have a variety of services and cosmetic products that can actually help your beauty regimen even after you leave our clinic. Enjoy the benefits of both the old and the new methods of beauty treatments at affordable prices without the hassle.

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It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.


Why Does Cellulite Form?

A cellulite dimple forms when the fatty tissue rises from deep down in the skin and pushes against connective tissue. It’s more common in women than in men, with most women reporting cellulite from their 20s onwards.

There are plenty of reasons why cellulite would form, but the most likely cause is age. As you get older, your skin starts to sag, and collagen production slows down. Other reasons include:

  • Weight gain
  • Genetics
  • Poor lymphatic drainage
  • Poor circulation
  • Fluctuation in hormone levels
  • Thinning skin

Cellulite by isn’t a bad thing, but many patients who have it usually want it removed for aesthetic reasons. While several home remedies can accomplish this, medical in-house treatments are still the best option.

Why Liposuction isn’t Always The Best Option

The long-standing remedy for cellulite and its signs and symptoms has been liposuction – but traditional liposuction procedures have risks and side-effects that may outweigh the benefits. It’s also not a recommended form of weight loss.

Here are some considerations about the liposuction procedure that you need to keep in mind:

Irregular shaping after treatment is done

Uneven fat removal is one of the most common complaints of patients who go through liposuction. Even if liposuction procedures get directly to the fat deposit in your skin, the removal process can be affected by any number of factors. This unreliability can often produce bumpy, uneven, or thinner skin.

Bruising and discoloration

Traditional liposuction methods can easily bruise the skin of more sensitive patients, primarily because the extraction of fat can easily push its way past layers of muscle and tissue. Even if there are only a few injection sites, the active trauma to your skin caused by the needle injection can last a long time, or even be permanent.

Risk of internal punctures

On rare occasions, the medical cannula used in liposuction may puncture an artery or make its way into an internal organ. This complication is life-threatening and should be treated immediately – which can be an issue if the liposuction procedure was performed in cosmetic practice unequipped to deal with this type of emergency.

Possible development of infections

Any openings in the skin, no matter how small, always have a chance of being infected. Because of the injection required with liposuction, a patient can experience skin infection at their treatment site. While this is a relatively rare side effect, it can drastically affect a patient’s quality of life after the procedure.

Fat embolism

One of the more serious complications that can arise from liposuction is when the loosened fat gets trapped in a blood vessel or travels to other parts of the body. This is also an issue that needs to be treated immediately before any fat travels to areas like the brain, lungs, or heart.

Numbness and loss of feeling

The liposuction procedure can cause significant trauma to your nerves, which may result in temporary and/or permanent numbness in the treatment area. Nerve irritation can also occur after botched liposuction treatment, though the chances of this happening are rare.

Why Choose New Star Med Spa For Your Cellulite Reduction Treatment

  • A leading expert and practitioner of innovative and effective cellulite treatment
  • Experience in non-invasive yet efficient methods of fat cell removal
  • Proven and superior results compared to traditional liposuction technique
  • Fully-equipped and staffed medical facilities and highly trained personnel to assist you.
  • Exemplary commitment to customer satisfaction – we get you the results that you want
  • Treatments require minimal downtime and have almost zero side effects compared to traditional methods
  • Always on the forefront of better and easier treatments to help you achieve your beauty goals

How New Star Med Spa Handles Cellulite Treatment

At New Star, we pride ourselves on offering high-tech, innovative solutions for cellulite treatment and fat reduction. Our methods are far less invasive than plastic surgery and can get rid of deep unwanted fat that causes cellulite formation.

Here's how we take care of stubborn fat and excess skin without cosmetic surgery or laser treatment:

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency energy uses precisely targeted electrical bursts to stimulate collagen production on your dermal layer. Aside from a great way to trim excess skin and excess fat, it works wonders for cellulite reduction treatment as a way to combat skin laxity and sagging skin.

Like laser treatment, radiofrequency energy can also target fine lines, stretch marks, and other fatty tissue on the treatment area. It's a fast-acting skin tightening procedure that can take care of any loose skin that you may have - and it's a treatment that not just any plastic surgeon can provide!

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Fat reduction methods like tummy tuck and tumescent liposuction have traditionally been invasive. While the liposuction procedure goes directly into the fat deposit to remove stubborn fat, the liposuction technique can also scar and traumatize connective tissue.

But with ultrasonic cavitation, we can directly target your fat deposit via a deep tissue massage that can get right to the unwanted fat. Unlike traditional liposuction, there's no surgery or needles required, and all you need is a few minutes of your day for each treatment.

Body Contouring Treatment

Finally, we also offer other ways of removing unwanted fat without cosmetic surgery like fat-vacuums and ultrasonic treatment. These therapies directly target stubborn fat deposits that are clinging to your connective tissue and help clear up fine lines and excess skin.

By using a combination of traditional and innovative cellulite reduction treatments, we're able to give you the body that you've always wanted without going through plastic surgery and other invasive fat reduction techniques. A tummy tuck or dermal fillers might make some leeway to remove excess fat, but we can do it better.

Prioritize Your Beauty and Wellness Today

It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.


Are There Any Side Effects To New Star Med Spa's Cellulite Reduction Treatment?

While liposuction can be efficient at removing deep fatty deposits, its side effects may still be too much for some patients, even if they’re mild. For that reason, we’ve had many patients ask us: “Will I experience any drawbacks from your cellulite reduction treatment?”

While the exact effects of our cellulite treatment can differ from patient to patient, an overwhelming majority of our clients have gotten the results that they want without any adverse effects. Because our methods are non-invasive, your body is better suited to the changes that it will experience rather than recovering from the trauma of traditional liposuction.


Cellulite Reduction Therapy For Men


While it may be less common for men, cellulite is still a very real concern that they can struggle with. At New Star, we believe that beauty doesn’t discriminate – and every man has the right to look and feel as confident as he wants to be! We also offer cellulite reduction therapy for men who want to get rid of those wrinkles and lines to get the physique that they always wanted.

By using a slightly more powerful version of our ultrasonic cavitation and fat reduction technology, we can chisel your thighs and your buttocks to the form that you’ve always wanted. As always, our treatments are non-invasive, have few side effects, and are extremely effective in giving you short and long-term results.

Am I A Good Candidate For Cellulite Reduction Treatment?

Cellulite is an extremely common issue that can affect all women from ages 20 and older – so by design, most cellulite reduction treatments can be safely used on almost everyone. Whether or not you’re a good candidate for cellulite reduction will be largely up to your consultation with your doctor, but there are very few cases where you might be disqualified from cellulite reduction therapy.


You are a particularly good candidate for cellulite reduction if you fall under the following:

  • A person with a light skin tone, as cellulite is more noticeable
  • Have healthy body weight but want to remove a stubborn fat deposit
  • Uneven or bumpy skin around the thighs, buttocks, and legs
  • Are suffering sagging skin because of age


What should I expect from my first session?

Your first session with us will usually be about the cellulite treatment itself. Our medical aesthetician and technologist will examine you carefully, and identify key areas of treatment around the thighs and buttock to remove excess fat. Afterward, you’ll be briefed about how your treatment regimen is going to proceed and what to expect.

How long will the process take?

Not long! In fact, the New Star Med Spa prides itself on delivering hassle-free and minimally invasive procedures when it comes to cellulite treatment and fat removal. At most, each procedure will last a little over an hour, and you can easily resume your normal activities afterward.

How many sessions before I see results?

While the exact number will vary depending on what treatment you’ll be going for and the amount of fat that needs to be removed, most of our patients report visible results within 3 to 5 sessions. You can expect the effects of each session to compound over time, so consistency is key for the best results!

Will I need to apply other products on my skin to get rid of cellulite?

In most cases, our treatments are more than enough to get rid of any cellulite and unwanted fat in the treatment area. However, if you have a lot of fat in the area and need some additional work, we can recommend some products that you can use to tighten the skin left behind by the disappearing fatty layer.

Can cellulite come back after my treatment is done?

Because cellulite can be caused by factors like aging and weight gain, finishing your cellulite treatment isn’t always a guarantee that you’ll never get cellulite again. While you can lessen the likelihood of developing it again with the right diet and exercise, you may need to get cellulite reduction done again if you’re prone to developing it.

Prioritize Your Beauty and Wellness Today

It has never been easier to experience world-class beauty and wellness treatments. With New Star Med Spa, achieving your true beauty begins with a single appointment. Give your body and face the care you truly deserve by contacting us today.


The New Star Med Spa Promise: Body Contouring Without The Plastic Surgery

By combining high-tech methods like ultrasonic cavitation with radiofrequency energy, you can say goodbye to excess fat and other fine lines that come with cellulite. At the New Star Med Spa , we believe that beauty isn't limited to anything done by a plastic surgeon, and cosmetic surgery can always be improved.

Because of our commitment to minimally invasive ways of helping with weight loss and targeting sagging skin, you can experience all the benefits of a normal liposuction procedure without any of the drawbacks. No surgery, no cuts, no laser treatment: just effective removal of fatty tissue. That's the New Star guarantee.